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Arpha’s Warranty Service in China

Our warranty and services:

Arpha will take full responsibility for any problems caused by “product quality” occurs and results in malfunction of regular use.

7 Days full refund, exchange, and repair service-

Within the seven days of purchase (including the 7th day), and if not from human-made damages. We will provide full refund of the purchase price, an exchange of the same model, or a free repair service to customers with a copy of the invoice or proof of purchase.

15 Days exchange and repair service-

Within the 15 days of purchase (including the 15th day), and if not from human-made damages. We will provide an exchange of the same model or a free repair service to customers with a copy of the invoice or proof of purchase.

13 Months of repair service

Within the 13 months of purchase (including the last day of the 13 months), and if not from human-made damages. We will provide free repair service (labor and delivery costs varied based on rates) to customers with a copy of the invoice or proof of purchase.

Free warranty service will not be available when the following situation occurs:

1、Human-made damages, damages caused by improper use. Such as plugged into an unsuitable power supply, use of inappropriate accessories, false accordance with instruction manual or damages caused by negligence; damage caused by transportation and other accidents, repair and modification disapproved by Arpha; other damages caused by force majeure (ex: natural disasters, voltage anomalies, etc.)

2、Damage and aging caused by regular use, but not affecting the use of this product.

*This warranty guarantees free repairs within the prescribed warranty period and conditions and does not limit the legal rights of the consumer.


The delivery time varies depending on third party delivery parties.

Arpha will remain any rights regarding refunds, exchange, and repair under our warranty service policy in China.

Before sending products for repair:

Please submit the repair request with clear handwriting of name, contact information, and detailed repair information.

Please save and duplicate any data (videos, pictures, etc.) before sending for repair service. Arpha will not be responsible for any loss of data during the repair service process.

Within the warranty period, Arpha will only provide service for customers with a valid warranty card and proof of purchase.

Customers failed to provide warranty card, and proof of purchase will only receive repair service starting from the 90th day to a year of production date, not purchase time.

Arpha will only replace the malfunction parts of the device and will replace the warranty card with a new one at the end of the service.

Human-made damages will not receive free repair nor other warrantied rights. Arpha will still provide repair services but will charge for materials and all additional costs needed. A client agreement should be signed with the repair service center before the repairment, and Arpha will provide a 30 warranty after the repair is done, except human-made damages.

When not qualified for a refund, exchange, or repair, Arpha provides charged repair service

a. Non-direct purchase from Arpha;

b. Products exceed the warranty period;

c. Unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid injection, accident, alteration, incorrect quality of the product caused by improper installation, or tearing, change of label, machine serial number, anti-counterfeiting mark;

d. Incomplete or damaged packaging, accessories, gifts (vouchers), instructions and warranty documents are incomplete;

e. Damage and tear of the product under regular use;

f. Damage caused by connection to improper accessories, malicious use of guidelines, damage caused during transportations, or other accidents.

g. Malfunctions that can be corrected by software upgrades are not included within the warranty service policy.

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